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As a globally active company, we understand our responsibility. 

It is not only about morality, but about saying what you do

and even more about saying what you do not do. Economically, ecologically and socially.


Sustainability is not a label to be placed on a product, but an attitude.

An attitude that does not change the world right away, but improves it in those parts that we can influence. Out of conviction and not just because it is fashionable.



Sustainability requires problem-solving expertise at all levels. In our industry, too, there is a noticeable trend towards fast, cheap and therefore interchangeable consumption. We are trying to set an example and make longevity a principle. Good service also goes without saying.

In addition to the use of resistant high-end materials, each frame is subject to the strictest quality controls. However, should something break on your glasses, we not only guarantee full availability of spare parts for at least two years after discontinuation of the model, we can also repair, polish and dye them. Once you've grown fond of something, it's best to cherish it. Even if it has long since left our house.


Materiality always has something to do with haptics. Beyond that, however, it should do one thing above all: convey a good feeling.

For our metal glasses we use durable materials such as titanium and stainless steel, and our plastic frames are made of an organic material called cellulose acetate. The latter is made of cotton and is not only one of the most beautiful but also one of the most sustainable materials in our industry.

The considerations taken about materials does not end with the glasses alone, but continues with their decoration and packaging. Here we largely use MDF, cardboard or cotton. Acrylic glass provides the necessary transparency. Unlike other polymers, this is recyclable and contains no toxic substances.

Aluminium Lieferant


Lieferung von Schachteln

We send the majority of our packages with our partner GLS. It is not only environmentally certified (according to ISO 14001), but also experienced. Responsible handling of resources, the reduction of emissions as well as the optimization of waste disposal are therefore a matter of course for GLS. The goals defined within the framework of the “ThinkGreen” initiative are not just lip service, but are rather targets that we would like to exceed.

Our cardboard boxes have also been certified by the FSC, “Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®)”, an internationally recognized seal for sustainable forestry and products made of wood. The use of special boxes with height grooves saves additional filling material and thus reduces CO² emissions. No empty kilometers and no unnecessary weight. We do not use bubble wrap and other plastic fillers at all. Environmentally friendly paper filling material is still the best solution for us. And has been for over 20 years.

If you operate globally, you have to think about the right ways forward. In particular about how our goods get to you without detours and how we also protect the environment.


On a small scale as

on a large scale

The use of environmentally friendly packaging materials also applies to deliveries to major customers. For large parcels we use narrow packaging straps that do not need any metal fasteners and are heat-sealed.

A big concern for us is also avoiding the use of plastic. All cases, outer packaging and gift boxes are shipped plastic-free. Only our glasses are delivered in PE bags. For their protection and because quality comes first. Alternatives are nevertheless important to us. Together with our partners and suppliers, we are therefore working on biodegradable packaging materials that meet our high standards of product safety and quality. Because good is not good enough for us.




Building is the sustainable creation of facts. All the more reason to think about it.

Our competence center is our base, and the modern logistics center is our gateway to the world. The use of sustainable building materials and an energy-saving use of resources are therefore a matter of course for us. Inside and outside, in the small and the big. This ranges from our energy-efficient IT, to our reduction of paper consumption, to energy-saving LED lights, and all the way through to an overall and very sensible use of space.

Sustainability is sometimes a vague term.

We have tried to make it more concrete and thus more tangible.

If you have any further questions,

please feel free to contact us.

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