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Why we love what we do.

The desire to surround ourselves with things that inspire, excite and define us as people is as old as humanity itself.


Whether it be everyday objects, or culture and art or people we love. All this inspires us and makes the ordinary into the extraordinary, the old into the new, and the nonchalant into the beloved.


Every day we are inspired by the creative potential of the interaction between people and their environment. The idea is the trigger, and the passion is the catalyst that sets the process in motion and keeps it alive.

Perfect proportions, balanced shapes and an exciting world of colors give us a feeling of security, provide us with inspiration and feed our soul with the meaning and lightness of being. A perfect product must do just that - without compromise.


Our team of young rebels and experienced experts sets out with courage, determination, attention to detail, creativity, joy and above all with unbridled passion to create eyewear that meets these demands.


Werner Paletschek, CEO

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