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Buffalo Horn



OWP Buffalo Horn eyewear has been produced without the use of any toxins and without any waste, and have not been chemically treated. The only waste product: Horn shavings. And even these are still used as valuable fertilizer in agriculture. In this era of a new awareness of ecology and sustainability, you can now call a real piece of nature your own with a clear conscience.

Safe Origins


The Indian water buffalo lives predominantly in the river valleys of India and is one of the most important domesticated farm animals in Asia. The horn for your OWP Buffalo Horn eyewear is a by-product of livestock farming and is obtained exclusively from older animals after their natural death. In fact, horns of younger and wild animals would not even be suitable for the production of spectacles anyway due to certain qualities they do and do not have.

Precise craftsmanship

The processing of buffalo horn is much more complex than that of plastic. This nearly-lost craft requires the highest precision and many years of experience. Thin layers of horn are pressed into plates from which the spectacles can be milled. Based on color, structure, and texture, the plates are carefully hand-picked so that only flawless materials find their way to our workshop.



Due to the variety of color nuances and grains, each piece of buffalo horn eyewear is absolutely unique. Whether purely monochrome, in multi-colored lamination, or with highly detailed texturing: You can be sure that your glasses are the only ones of their kind anywhere in the world.

Dimensional stability

Natural horn is chemically identical to hair and has grown into its natural form over the course of many years. In rare cases, a so-called “memory effect” may occur,

which will cause your glasses to become minimally warped. In this case, your optician can easily get them back into the right shape. After a short time, this natural memory effect of animal horn will work in your favor to keep your glasses extremely stable.





Like all natural materials, horn reacts to external influences. Running water, ultrasonic baths, heat, and pressure should be avoided if possible. It is best to clean your horn-rimmed glasses with a damp cotton cloth and to apply a thin layer of horn care cream once a month. This way, you can maintain the surface of your OWP Buffalo Horn eyewear optimally and continue to enjoy it for many years.

Comfortable, light, and hypoallergenic

Once a horn, always a horn: the wearing comfort of this horn eyewear cannot be imitated by any plastic in the world, because as a natural material, horn adapts to your body temperature. There is almost no heat build-up, which guarantees you a pleasant feeling on your skin in the winter and summer. Furthermore, horn eyewear is light and hypoallergenic.

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