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It started on January 13, 1947

We look back on three quarters of a century of eyeware history. Everything that has happened to us, a lot of good but also challenging things, everything that we have promoted, and everything that still awaits us has made us what we are today: an internationally active company with many different sides and skills. At home all over the world, on a personal level with other cultures and ways of life. Recognised for outstanding quality, creativity and a deep love for detail.

Let's get the party started!

The focus in 2022 is on a big anniversary. We’re kicking things off in January by launching the anniversary frame style 249 – the new edition of a legendary acetate style from the 1980s. The design of this frame is as trendy today as it was in 1981 when it was created.

Limiting the edition to 1947 pieces worldwide makes this frame unique and highly sought-after by OWP fans and a collector’s item for fans of glasses.

249 incl. Etui.jpg

Limited Edition

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