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The OWP brand



Known for exceptional quality and innovative designs, OWP redefines the idea of high-end eyewear fashion on the global market


From classic/elegant 

to stylish/refined

The OWP women’s collection embodies the love of detail and sets the highest standards for design and quality.

Whether excitingly feminine, in colorful sophistication, or timelessly elegant: Each of our creations has a compellingly unique character, making it the perfect statement for the fashion-conscious woman.

Symbiosis of technical

sophistication and cool style

The OWP men’s collection focuses on the highest quality materials, technical sophistication and maximum comfort, realized in cool, modern designs.

For the style-conscious man who also has the highest quality standards when choosing his glasses.



PR OWP 7510.jpg

What distinguishes our SIGNATURE acetate from normal acetate? Each of our SIGNATURE acetates is designed and manufactured by the OWP design team in cooperation with the leading manufacturer of acetate in Italy. Each individual color is produced in a limited quantity exclusively for our collections, giving each pair of OWP glasses its unique character.


Acetate is a raw material created from cotton and wood cellulose, which gives our designers endless scope for ideas – colored or black, opaque or transparent, matte or glossy, iridescent or multi-layered. Acetate is elastic, shape-retaining, skin-friendly and very comfortable to wear. The material is particularly easy to work with and can be ergonomically adjusted by the optician for the perfect fit in just a few steps. Our exclusive acetates give the wearer an individual and very personal look.

PR OWP 1762.jpg


This high-quality material is also used in high-tech industries such as aerospace, medical technology, and many more. By the way, titanium glasses are especially suitable for allergy sufferers, as all products are 100% nickel-free. With their outstanding wearing comfort, our glasses made of titanium shine in a wide variety of fine colors and shapes.

Titanium offers robust lightness. Certain titanium alloys also have a so-called shape memory: the material springs back to its original shape even when subjected to heavy stress. Titanium is also particularly resistant to corrosion and its exceptionally low specific weight (almost 50% lighter than stainless steel) makes it especially suitable for the manufacture of glasses frames.

PR OWP 8754.jpg

Buffalo Horn

OWP buffalo horn eyeglasses are created without the use of any toxins or waste and have not been chemically treated. The only waste product: horn shavings. And even these are used as valuable fertilizer in agriculture. In this era of a new awareness of ecology and sustainability, you can now call a real piece of nature your own with a clear conscience.


Day after day, we are inspired by the creative potential that lies in the interaction

between people and their environment. The idea is the trigger, the passion,

the catalyst that sets the process in motion and keeps it alive.

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